Welcome to the Wedgwood Wilderness Lodge

Thanks for visiting the new web site!!! The Wedgwood Wilderness Lodge is the moniker I use for my seamstress business with a focus on producing re-purposed and up-cycled goods. My creations draw from my degree in textiles and work in the industry. I love to take excess canvas work, mill ends from manufacturers, and thrift store finds to create practical goods with a retro feel and touch of whimsy.

Tomorrow is the Second Use Fall Fest and Hand Made Market. I will have aprons for sale at booth #13.  New seasonal designs.  Check back next week for a recap of the show. Looking forward to upcoming fall season and all it has to bring.  It’ll be a great inspiration for the aprons for the Gobble Up festival in Seattle this November.

2 Comments on “Welcome to the Wedgwood Wilderness Lodge

  1. How do I go about purchasing one of your art aprons that is currently hanging at Cafe Javasti?


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